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Autism Awareness Scarf

As some know, I work with special needs children. They have a special place in my heart. (Funny I was terrified of them as a youth.) Even though it is summer I was thinking about scarves. Last year I made several of the Pink Ribbon scarves and probably will again. diy-free-pattern-crochet-pink-ribbon-awareness-breast-cancer-scarf















I wanted a scarf with the Autism Awareness Ribbon. There are some out there but they are honestly more complicated than I want. So I stumbled across this blanket. I loved it but REALLY don’t need another blanket project right now. (I have 4 in the works right now!)
autism blanket







Anyway, I decided to make a scarf from this general idea. This is the first one. Kinda a prototype. It must not be too bad. A lady from the Robeson County chapter of Autism Society asked me if I would consider making one for a raffle. And someone else who has an autistic child asked for one for later. So here is my first version. I think I will tweak it a little in the future. But not sure how right now. I honestly just had to get the idea out of my head.




First Published Pattern for Sale

Well I finally did it. I took the jump to the next level of crafting and wrote up, took photos, had the pattern tested and put it for sale on Ravelry. So without further ado, here it is the pattern for the car canopy tent I designed. It is called Heartfelt Car Canopy Tent by Nadine Creates. I would love it if you check out, tell everyone you know and share it.
camo tent2girl canopy

Lucky Stradley’s Pottery

I wanted to share an artist I found recently, Lucky Stradley. She does some awesome pottery. As a crocheter, her yarn bowls is what first caught my attention. But her birdhouses are what I fell in love with. I think I will let her work speak for itself starting with my favorite (I think). I have only shown a few of her works. You will have to go take a look around her online shop unless you are fortunate enough to live near her actual shop like my son and daughter-in-law are.   Have a great day everyone.



yarn bowl1egg separator

Camo Love

Do you ever look at something, in my case yarn, and see it a different way? I love when that happens. Recently I completed a baby blanket for my future grandson. Afterwards there was some of the yarn left. I figured it would be great for booties and a cap for him when I saw something else.

What do you think? I call it “Camo Love”.  Think I have a new product for the shop. Can’t you see it in pink camouflage for girls?

camo tent2