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Read Across America Week

This is Read Across America Week. It is also the week that we celebrate Dr. Seuss on our pre-k hall. In honor of that, I mentioned I was going to crochet a Cat In the Hat hat. Another teacher asked that I make her one also.

So off I went in search of the best pattern. After looking at several I decided to modify this free pattern by Red Heart.

top hat

I followed the pattern through the first 16 rows with red and then changed to white for 4 rows and alternated the colors like Cat In The Hat’s is. I also changed the brim a little by crocheting in the front of the first row of the brim. This gave the brim definition and stood out better. cat hat


So now make a hat and celebrate Dr. Seuss with us!


Rings of Change Update

I have been working on Frank ORandle’s Rings of Change pattern. The pattern is easy to understand which is great. However, I found a treasure on You Tube. Go there and you will find a slide show of the pattern row by row. This is wonderful because I am visual like so many of my friends. I can look at the slide show and make sure I doing it right.

This was how far I was last week.rings

This is the rug up to round 25rug

Up through 34 below. The lighting isn’t as great as I wanted but maybe I can tweak it in the next few days. In the meantime, you can get a feel for it.



Here it is up through row 39. Gotta love snow days!


Only 72 rows left on this pattern! I will continue until all the rows are done or it is 6 feet across.

Frank O’Randle Rings of Change

In my last post, I talked about needing a rug for my dining room. I wanted a statement rug.  After asking around,   a lady from the Facebook group Crochet Lounge suggested I check out Frank O’Randle’s work at Ravelry. Let me tell you, his work is some thing to be seen.

I finally settled on the Rings of Change pattern. I chose it because you can stop on any row. This is it at row 11. There is 111 rows in the pattern.


I will post more pictures as I work on it.


Crochet doily rug

I have been busy crocheting for the house lately. I have several areas that need rugs so I decided to make a rug from a doily pattern like this one I found on Pinterest.


I had this book from Leisure Art doilydoily1

I chose to make the pink one. Using 3 colors of yarn and Q hook, this is how it turned out. bathroom rug

It is 36 inches across and fits perfectly in the bathroom. The only problem is I was planning to use it in the kitchen! So now I have to make other things for the bathroom.