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Crochet for Beginners from Crochet Me

Occasionally I come across articles that I find myself going back to time and again. This is one of them

The article covers choosing a pattern, reading a schematic, measuring for a garment, standard yarn sizes and gauge all in on short concise article. Thre is much more to explore at Interweave but this will get you started.



A crocheter learns to knit

I have been crocheting for over 30 years but decided I would like to learn to knit this summer. Surely I could do it. It couldn’t be that different or hard to learn. Besides I like to learn something new every summer to keep my brain sharp.

But first I was headed to visit my mother-in-law. While I was there my sister-in-law who dos some of the most amazing cross stitch and quilts asked me if I would be interested in some yarn she had from various projects and some knitting needles. Are you kidding me? I can use any length of yarn in my scrap blankets or for the children’s art projects. But needles! There was just what I needed to learn knitting. She had books, kits, everything!

I had brought 2 crochet projects to finish so I did them first while pondering the knitting. I like to let the yarn and ideas work a while in my head first. But finally I was ready to try it. Holding the thread in my right hand is very difficult for me after years of crocheting. So I did what my grandson likes to suggest and Googled “can I knit holding the yarn in my left hand?”. I found this This has a name, continental knitting! Now to find some videos.

I looked at some sites but went back to this one continental  From here I was able to watch the stitches being done. The videos were well filmed and short enough to allow m to learn on part of knitting at a time. After 4 hours of practise and watching I had casting on and the knit stitch down.

So I decided I had to try to make something. I like usable results and since I make caps for charity what better than a preemie hat.knit hat Thank you Barbara.

Custom Truck Camper

Summer time is here for me and I have been working on a project with my son to gt ready for it. Now for the big unveil. My custom designedIMG_0065 truck camper that my son did for me.


I love to go camping but didn’t want to pull anything and am no longer willing to sleep on the ground. I wanted something that would be easy to use, could break down when not in use and I could put together if needed. So my son came up with a solution.

IMG_0067What do you think?


Crochet Inspirations

I have been quiet lately because of a variety of things that have taking my time and attention. But I wanted to share a site I found. I follow this blog and highly recommend anyone who does any kind of creative work follow it. She will inspire you whether you are a person who works with fiber or not. She has 3 different blogs and I really like her RS Scrunched or Hood The way she explains stitches is great for anyone whether a newbie or an old pro!

Vashti designs crochet patterns that are different enough to keep my attention. I like her Florida style and the artists she interviews in her blog. So go ahead! Check her out!