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M’Lady’s Fans

Thought I would share this finished blanket I made from Leisure Arts leaflet 2559.gorgeous afghan


It is the afghan called M’Lady’s Fans. I made it as an order for a coworker. She will be getting it Monday. morris blanket


Gorgeous but it reminded me why I don’t like to make big blankets. I lose interest before I can finish it. However, being paid for work always motivates me!

What has been on your hook this week?


Getting the hang of it

I will be sharing my works in the weeks to come. However, in the mean time here is some inspiration!


Another blanket is done. However, this does not count as finishing a WIP – at least not as my WIP as it has never been on my list.

Inspired by the squares my mother had knitted for Natasja she kept on knitting rows and rows of squares and when we went to see my parents the other day, those rows were waiting for me. Oh happy day …

patchwork-decke häkelmonsterMy mother is a perfectionist: she knitted each square in a different pattern (= 48 different pattern). And to make sure I would not mess up, numbers were sewn onto every row to keep the correct order so that same colors would not be side by side.

patchwork-decke häkelmonsterpatchwork-decke häkelmonsterIt took me two nights to join all rows (this time I would do slip stitches) and to knit the edging. Again, I fell for the attached iCord. It really takes forever but it’s totally…

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