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Carol’s Creations

I wanted to share my mom’s creations with everyone. She is where I get my creative abilities. Actually that is not true. I get it from both of my parents. My dad was a painter and did technical art for NASA back in the 70’s.

Anyway, my mother makes purses, caps and boxes out of things she finds at Goodwill and other places. I believe it is called repurposed art. She specializes in Shabby chic.

beaded bagdoily pursedecorated infant hatShe also does custom boxes and decorated knobs for cabinets. I am always amazed by how she turns something ordinary into something magical!

So I encourage everyone to check out her work at her Facebook page where you can see some of her work, ask her about custom work and private message her for more information. I will also be carrying some of her work in my shop



Feel Better Friends

I wanted to share a group I found recently, Feel Better Friends. This is a group devoted to making dolls for children with cancer. These are all volunteers who make custom dolls. They match dolls to requests whenever possible.


What is also unique about the dolls is you can request a doll with a removable wig so the child truly has a twin. Imagine holding on to something while undergoing procedures that is unique like you. It has to be a great comfort.

I have joined the group which has a wonderful facebook page. I encourage all my crochet buddies to get behind this project. There is a section that answers all you questions so check it out. feel


As soon as I get caught up on crochet orders from Heart to Heart Reborn Nursery  and my shop Nadine Creates I will be able to start on a doll.

What’s been on my hook

If I have been a little quiet lately, maybe showing what has been on my hook will explain why. I have been working with Jenni Sholter owner of Heart 2 Heart Reborn Nursery on some cocoons and Blanki-paci designs for reborn dolls, preemies and newborns. It has been a blast working with someone who has such wonderful ideas. I can’t wait to see what we come up with this week. Check back at her facebook page regularly as that is where the designs are posted first! We are also very interested in what you would like to see offered so either tell me in the comments section or send Jenni a private message through her facebook page. We are taking custom orders now.



ladybug cocoon

ladybug cocoon


pig cocoon

pig cocoon


frlly cocoon