Horizontal Hive

Here is our newest bee hive. img_0005It is our version of the horizontal Langstroth hive I found here and here. We decided we like beekeeping but needed a better system that didn’t involve so much lifting. We looked at another idea which I will share in another post but decided this was the best for us. So when my grandson said he needed a project for his SAE project for Future Farmers, I saw my opportunity to make it. One of the really neat things about this one is that much of the material came from recycled materials we had saved. This one will hold up to 40 frames and has slats in it so you can check bees without distrubing all of the bees.

I also wanted something that would be pleasing to look at when a person drove by since our home is on a fairly busy road now. I thought it would fun to make the hive a piece of  yard art. I hope to sell some hives. But this one will be kept for me.  Enjoy the pictures.


Cabbage Sausage Pinwheels

I wanted to share a recipe my daughter-in-law came up with recently. It was a pleasant surprise for me. She didn’t know that I don’t like cooked cabbage and I wasn’t going to tell her. But this was great even for me. I went back for seconds. So here it is. The recipe as she wrote it.

Alfredo Bacon Sausage Cabbage Rolls


1 lb. Ground Mild Sausage -1 small head Cabbage-1/4 cup Bacon flavored Alfredo Sauce

1 onion-1 clove minced garlic-2 cups mozarella cheese-2 cans cresent roll sheets-3 tablespoon butter

1-Brown sausage, add chopped onion in large non-stick pan with lid. Drain off grease. Place in heat safe container until cooled.

2- In same non-stick pan, add garlic, butter, cabbage that has been cut into thin strips and cook into cabbage is soft. When cabbage is cooked to your liking, place in a heat safe container to cool.

3 -On a baking  sheet, place a sheet of wax paper it. Spray with cooking oil or coat with oil. Lay out cresent sheet. Begin layering!

4-With a spoon, spread generous amount of Alfredo sauce on cresent leaving 1 inch uncovered around edge. Add sausage and onions, then cooked cabbage and finally cheese.

5- Begin rolling, remember the 1 inch edge is to pinch and seal in the goodness. The best way to understand is just look at the picture.

6-Bake in 350 oven until the roll is browned. Let set for few minutes before cutting. ENJOY.

Hurricane Matthew Camping Kitchen Cabinet

What do you do when a hurricane knocks out your power for a couple of days and you are stuck at home dry, safe? If you are a crafer like me, you finish up projects. One project that really needed finishing was my camping kitchen.

I like to travel and camping. We are doing tent camping again and I showed my husband this. I wanted to be able to store my kitchen equipment in one convenient place neatly. Kinda grab and go idea. He was like, let’s make it! I am a smart woman and took advantage of his moment of weakness.

Here is the finished product. I stained it dark because it is going to be used outside and I didn’t want dirt to show too much. It isn’t perfect but it will certainly make a difference when camping in the future. It is packed ready for use. I am able to put everything I need in it for cooking and store it for whenever I need emergency cooking supplies. Plus we can just put it in our car if we have to leave in a disaster besides being ready for our next camping trip. (We were supposed to go camping this weekend but hurricane Matthew changed those plans too.)


Honey from the flow hive

We finally decided to harvest our flow hive. He was able to do it wearing shorts and without smoking or disturbing the bees at all. Amazing! Other than one bee who was determined to protect his hive and finally got a sting in on my husband’s forehead, it was uneventful. Uneventful but productive and satifying! As the pictures show, truly honey on tap. Much easier and neater to harvest than the traditional hive that we harvested earlier this summer.

Now on to start learning about what to do and setting up the hives for fall and winter. Not bad for the first year as beekeepers!


img_0008 img_0009 img_0014 img_0017

img_0019 img_0020

Flower curtains

Some of  you have seen the valance I made valance

We decided to move them from the living room to the kitchen/dining room. Then we realized we could use the same pattern for the other window in the  room.  Plus  I was able to make them with scraps I already had so it only cost me time (alot) and  not money. Sweet!

IMG_0036 IMG_0038

Honey harvest

We finally harvested honey from 1 of our 3 hives. It is a traditional hive and not the flow hive. This is 5 racks. To say we are happy is an understatement. We know we made mistakes along the way this year but what a learning experience it has been.  I am going to let the pictures do the talking now.

IMG_0002 IMG_0009 IMG_0010

Blanket Flowers

Recently a Facebook group I am in had a post about this blanket. I liked the blanket but really loved the flowers so I thought I would share her with my fellow crocheters. She goes by Pinkfluffywarior and appears to be in the UK. Her patterns and pictures are great so check her out. Flower-Blanket-56