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Feel Better Friends Doll

For my 1o0th post, I decided to share the doll I was privileged to make for Abby.  I joined a Facebook group, Feel Better Friends, as a way to do charity crochet work. It is important to me to use my skills for more than just casual sales and gifts.

The opportunity came up to make a doll for Abby Grace and I felt like it was a perfect fit for me. So this is what I ended up making. The doll has a wig however, Abby prefers it bald. If you have a skill consider donating some of your talent to make someone else’s day brighter. You will both benefit. Trust me!



Art Show

I am taking my crochet to a new level next weekend. I am participating in art walk

I have decided to expand my crochet business and this is one way that I haven’t tried before. I will have all sorts of baby cocoons, caps, blankets and whatever comes off my hook this week. The cocoons are original ideas that Jenni came up with. There will be things in a variety of sizes. I want to see what catches people eyes.

I will share a spot with Jenni Sholter and her reborn dolls. They are fabulous and I have found working with another artist is inspiring.

How about you? Have you tried anything like this before? Let me know how it worked for you. What would you have changed?