Luna Moth

I follow E.C.’s blog and she does these post where she simply shares pictures and that is pretty much it. I love them. They always inspire and make me happy. So when my husband brought this in I thought of that. Enjoy.IMG_20170309_112838



Beeswax Candles from my bees

My husband was cleaning the hives and I decided to make my first (hopefully of many) candles from the wax. After getting all the honey out I could, we put the wax in a double boiler and melted it down. Then the honey separated and after I poured all (I thought!) of the honey into a jar, I started on the candle part. I used The Prairie Homestead website post on making your own beeswax candle. This is my first candle. There is a little spillage of wax but it is for me and not resale so I wasn’t obsessive about that.


Fishing Flies

We are planning a trip to Great Smoky Mountains NP during spring break to go fishing and wildlife watching. My husband asked me if I’d make him some flies for the trip. Years ago I learned how to do this from a guy in Blue Ridge Georgia. It has been over 15 years since I made any but I still had some supplies. Anyway here are ones I made today.
They are green caddis larva, just a bug and 5 Gurgle Pops. I am hoping to make about 30 flies before the trip.I will make other varieties in the next few weeks so he has a plenty to choose from and can’t say it was just a fly of mine that was the reason he didn’t catch something!


Man’s cardigan

Recently my husband asked me to make him a cardigan. It is rare that he has a crochet request and even rarer that it be piece of clothing.We decided on this design. caron-simplysoft-c-adultscrochetv-neckcardigan-web2

After years of me “working my magic”, as he puts it, he just knew I could make what he wanted from the pattern. Then we went upstairs to see what yarn I had in my stash to make what  he wanted the sweater to be made from. After all, it is even more satifying if I didn’t have to spend money to make it.

Here is the finished cardigan. The hardest part was getting it off of him long enough to sew the buttons on. Nothing makes a person happier than making a one of a kind garment that is loved. Now to finish the special request my 14 year old grandson put in!


Bee Hive in the House

Have you ever seen an observation bee hive? This summer I had the opportunity to see one in action at Rossman Apiaries in Moultrie, Georgia. Since we already have a Flow Hive and a horizontal hive along with a couple of traditional hives, I wasn’t surprised when my husband started talking about doing one of these kind of hives.

I went so far as to check into how to make an observation hive myself. Look at this one 

I mean they even have them in classroomspicture1

So I found a handbook and started studying. Still not sure if I wanted to take the risk of 4,000 bees getting loose in my house. But if others could do it, why not me?510s7bhm2yl-_sx398_bo1204203200_

However, I have decided I am not that brave or curious. My husband and I have decided the bees are nice as long as they are outside not inside. Besides I found out this week that the sound of bees near my face still freaks me out. So not a good idea to have them in my living room where I would really hear them. I admire all the people who can do this though.

Cabbage Sausage Pinwheels

I wanted to share a recipe my daughter-in-law came up with recently. It was a pleasant surprise for me. She didn’t know that I don’t like cooked cabbage and I wasn’t going to tell her. But this was great even for me. I went back for seconds. So here it is. The recipe as she wrote it.

Alfredo Bacon Sausage Cabbage Rolls


1 lb. Ground Mild Sausage -1 small head Cabbage-1/4 cup Bacon flavored Alfredo Sauce

1 onion-1 clove minced garlic-2 cups mozarella cheese-2 cans cresent roll sheets-3 tablespoon butter

1-Brown sausage, add chopped onion in large non-stick pan with lid. Drain off grease. Place in heat safe container until cooled.

2- In same non-stick pan, add garlic, butter, cabbage that has been cut into thin strips and cook into cabbage is soft. When cabbage is cooked to your liking, place in a heat safe container to cool.

3 -On a baking  sheet, place a sheet of wax paper it. Spray with cooking oil or coat with oil. Lay out cresent sheet. Begin layering!

4-With a spoon, spread generous amount of Alfredo sauce on cresent leaving 1 inch uncovered around edge. Add sausage and onions, then cooked cabbage and finally cheese.

5- Begin rolling, remember the 1 inch edge is to pinch and seal in the goodness. The best way to understand is just look at the picture.

6-Bake in 350 oven until the roll is browned. Let set for few minutes before cutting. ENJOY.

Hurricane Matthew Camping Kitchen Cabinet

What do you do when a hurricane knocks out your power for a couple of days and you are stuck at home dry, safe? If you are a crafer like me, you finish up projects. One project that really needed finishing was my camping kitchen.

I like to travel and camping. We are doing tent camping again and I showed my husband this. I wanted to be able to store my kitchen equipment in one convenient place neatly. Kinda grab and go idea. He was like, let’s make it! I am a smart woman and took advantage of his moment of weakness.

Here is the finished product. I stained it dark because it is going to be used outside and I didn’t want dirt to show too much. It isn’t perfect but it will certainly make a difference when camping in the future. It is packed ready for use. I am able to put everything I need in it for cooking and store it for whenever I need emergency cooking supplies. Plus we can just put it in our car if we have to leave in a disaster besides being ready for our next camping trip. (We were supposed to go camping this weekend but hurricane Matthew changed those plans too.)