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Great pattern resource

Do you ever find yourself looking for something a little different? You know it is out there but in my case it always seems to be in another language. I mean the internet is great because you have people from all over the world sharing their patterns, ideas, etc. But sometimes it is hard to find because of the different languages.

I found this site. This is from their welcome page. Knits4Kids offers you convenient access to about 1308750 knitting and crochet patterns in 32 languages from all over the world and for all occasions. All patterns are FREE and originate from various hobby portals.



 I found several things I will go back and look at more. The way the site is laid out was great and easy to navigate. I highly recommend you check it out. And no I did not get paid to tell you about it. I just like to share my finds so it will be easier for the next person.


What is the Ravellenic Games?

Check out Stacey’s post on the Ravellenic games. It will be a fun way to participate in the winter Olympics. It is free and a fun thing for us goal driven people to compete with other crochet and knitters.

Ravellenics2014banner.3 (1)


What do you do when it snows?

No one ever asks me that. They just ask what I made and how many. So, since we have 2 days off from school because winter storm warnings, I am working on 2 baby blankets for baby showers that I will need this spring, a top I have been wanting to try and maybe a a preemie item or two.

I am going to leave you with pictures of our yard from this rare snow and get back to crocheting and drinking coffee. Stay warm!


Little Girls Ripple Dress

I wanted to share this dress I made this week. I have been thinking about what I want to do in the shop for spring. I love making dresses and my son saw this ripple dress He thought I should make it. I had to do a lot of tweaking since I was using sport weight yarn instead of thread, had no idea of what size the dress was, nothing but the chart.

After a couple of tries I ended up with my own version. Mine was for a 4 year old so I used the chart at to decide on how big to make it. The only problem I had was Simplicity didn’t give a length from neck to knee. For this I had to use my judgement. Remember I don’t have girls around. However, I did look at a little girls top in the right size at school to determine what should be the right size for the shoulders. Then I winged it to be honest.

my ripple I wish I had a picture of her in this dress but I didn’t have my camera when I gave it to her. However, let me tell you that my picture doesn’t do it justice. It was precious on. It fit her perfectly, just as if I had measured her and she loved it.  The dress is made from this yarn.

Baby Bee Peas and Carrots

Baby Bee Peas and Carrots

Now I am inspired to try my hand at some more little girl dresses.

That Magic Moment

After I got through with something yesterday, that phrase “That Magic Moment” kept running through my head. Recently, I was invited to share my love of crochet with the after school program at our elementary school. I did that yesterday. I wanted to make crochet something they would find interesting and want to learn more about. I must say, it was a success.

I was going to approach it as an opportunity to teach them how to crochet. But I changed my mind and decided a different approach. I wanted to get their curiosity up and leave them wanting more. It worked and here is what I did in case someone else wants to try it or has the magical chance to introduce the craft to young ones.

I started out by showing them a few samples of crochet. These were just things I normally have with me- a cap, part of a blanket, some pieces of jewelry. Then I asked a boy to come up who was wearing a knitted cap and explained that his was made with 2 needles while mine was with one.

Then I showed them samples of a variety of yarns I have used. It told them I had also crochet with plastic bags and old sheets. Their faces were like “What?!”

samples of yarn and work

samples of yarn and work

Next I opened my paint brush pouch that I carry my hooks in. I had brought a variety of hooks from the wood one my husband made me for making rugs to the tiniest metal hook I have. I made sure I included a new Crochet Lite hook ( I knew the boys would love it since my grandson pretended like it was a light saber).

My crochet pouch

My crochet pouch

I answered questions and got the classic “My grandmother does that.” I left everything on the table and encouraged the students to come up and look at everything, play with it, whatever. I told the teachers not to worry. I didn’t bring anything that I would be upset if they handled. So the new hook became a light saber, the yarns got stabbed and the scraps got worn on the heads.

But what I loved was when one of the teachers asked if I would be willing to teach her how to crochet. She promised the ones that were interested that she would help them also. So I promised that next week I would spend at least 30 minutes every afternoon working with them. I suggested what kind of yarn to get (forgot to suggest a hook) and will start teaching her how to make a single crochet cap.

Crafts Calculator

I want to share a tool that Sara Duggan sent to me. Thank you very much!

I have read all the formulas for pricing my work but wasn’t comfortable with doing it. This calculator allowed me to put in the cost of my materials, how long it took to make the item and my skill level. Then you choose the amount of profit you want and it gives you a suggested selling price. Fabulous.I really wish I could have clipped a picture of it but I couldn’t. Every crafter needs this tool. The calculator is free to use, easy to put a shortcut for, and extremely easy to use.

Once again Sara thank you for your help.

Finger weaving or knitting

How many of you do finger knitting? I promised to show my crochet work and how I do to a group of elementary school students this week. I thought they might b more interested in something like finger knitting since they had all the tools they needed with them. So I thought I would teach them that.

Th only problem is I didn’t know how to do it. After some searching , I chose thisfinger

I will admit it was easy to follow and I had no problem teaching my husband how to do it. I love my husband. He is game for most anything I ask of him. I can see where this would b good for the students but I only had one problem with it. I just don’t enjoy doing it enough to teach a bunch of students. I am thinking that I will share my love of crocheting and then tell the director about finger knitting. If she wants to work with them on it I’ll teach her.

Who knows maybe the students will pick up 2 new skills. I’ll let you know how it goes. My husband will be going with me to show them his crocheting skills that I taught him years ago.