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Beeswax Candles from my bees

My husband was cleaning the hives and I decided to make my first (hopefully of many) candles from the wax. After getting all the honey out I could, we put the wax in a double boiler and melted it down. Then the honey separated and after I poured all (I thought!) of the honey into a jar, I started on the candle part. I used The Prairie Homestead website post on making your own beeswax candle. This is my first candle. There is a little spillage of wax but it is for me and not resale so I wasn’t obsessive about that.



Fishing Flies

We are planning a trip to Great Smoky Mountains NP during spring break to go fishing and wildlife watching. My husband asked me if I’d make him some flies for the trip. Years ago I learned how to do this from a guy in Blue Ridge Georgia. It has been over 15 years since I made any but I still had some supplies. Anyway here are ones I made today.
They are green caddis larva, just a bug and 5 Gurgle Pops. I am hoping to make about 30 flies before the trip.I will make other varieties in the next few weeks so he has a plenty to choose from and can’t say it was just a fly of mine that was the reason he didn’t catch something!