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Milk Soap

I have been making soap this month. I can make several batches and it will last for months. For at least 15 years, I have only used my own soap. I have very dry  sensitive skin and like knowing what I am putting on it. Plus my dear husband loves using it as shampoo. I really like soap with milk in it since it seems to be even more moisturizing.

goats milk soap

coconut milk soap

coconut milk soap


making the soap

The other thing that makes this soap special for me is I made the recipe from a soap calculator and thus had total control over what it had in it. I have considered making some soap for sale but haven’t decided whether or not there would be enough of a market to make it worth my while.


Crochet light up rug

Every now and then I see something and think “I could do that and isn’t it cool?” That is what happened here. I saw a picture


but I didn’t have any lights. Then my daughter-in-law walked in and had just picked up in helping someone move. SOO! Here is my version of the crochet led rug. It will go by my back door as a night light. Pretty cool, huh!

IMG_0099 IMG_0098

BTW I will NOT make this as a item in my shop. The work is harder than it looks and killed my hands.