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Little Duck Blanket

Jenni Sholter, a friend, forwarded me a request someone had for 6 baby blankets made in 2 weeks. I have done custom work for her in the past so I guess she figured I could do it. Since the request came over the 2 week holiday, I decided to take on the challenge. (It turned out she needed 2 one month and 2 the next 2 months.) The customer makes custom reborn dolls. She had a very specific blanket in mind, Kerry Jayne’s Little Duck Blanket.  So I ordered the blanket pattern and went to work.

Let me just say this about the pattern, in case someone is interested in purchasing her patterns. DO it. The detail in the pictures she includes are well worth it. The duck would have been much harder to keep even if not for the pictures. I would have prefered the pictures to be closer to the actually section of the pattern I was working on but it was easy for me to go back and forth. She took pictures of every part that you might had been confused by and made it simple. Here are 3 of the blankets done and ready to ship. BTW the customer received the blankets and was thrilled! Always a good thing!

img_0011 img_0003 img_0004


Man’s cardigan

Recently my husband asked me to make him a cardigan. It is rare that he has a crochet request and even rarer that it be piece of clothing.We decided on this design. caron-simplysoft-c-adultscrochetv-neckcardigan-web2

After years of me “working my magic”, as he puts it, he just knew I could make what he wanted from the pattern. Then we went upstairs to see what yarn I had in my stash to make what  he wanted the sweater to be made from. After all, it is even more satifying if I didn’t have to spend money to make it.

Here is the finished cardigan. The hardest part was getting it off of him long enough to sew the buttons on. Nothing makes a person happier than making a one of a kind garment that is loved. Now to finish the special request my 14 year old grandson put in!


Milk Soap

I have been making soap this month. I can make several batches and it will last for months. For at least 15 years, I have only used my own soap. I have very dry  sensitive skin and like knowing what I am putting on it. Plus my dear husband loves using it as shampoo. I really like soap with milk in it since it seems to be even more moisturizing.

goats milk soap

coconut milk soap

coconut milk soap


making the soap

The other thing that makes this soap special for me is I made the recipe from a soap calculator and thus had total control over what it had in it. I have considered making some soap for sale but haven’t decided whether or not there would be enough of a market to make it worth my while.

Pine Needle Baskets

Just had to share some new baskets a North Carolina pine needle artist made for me. He has been doing pine needle art for several years now. However, his health has slowed down his working on them. So, I was thrilled when he said he wanted to make some last year. Aren’t they beautiful?!? The small one was what he thought I meant when I said I needed one to store things in on our bathroom counter. The bigger one is the one I am using in the bathroom. The lid makes it perfect to hide little things and keep the counter neater.

Now he is starting on some birds nest ideas for our yard and sale. I will be sharing them in the months to come. I never know how long it will take because of his health but I am curious as to what he comes up with next. Stay tuned!IMG_20160116_193742 IMG_20160116_193836

Owl Cocoon

This is an owl cocoon and hat made from ShiFio’s Patterns. It is one of her most downloaded patterns although she has so many to chose from that I am going back again to add to my collection!


This one was done in pastel green but I think it would be beautiful in light gray, cream and black. I made a blanket for a little boy a while back in those colors and it was sharp looking, and manly. Just saying.


Divided House

Finally, I can share a project that kept me busy for several weeks. I have started making custom blankets recently. A friend asked me if I could make a blanket that had both Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots logo’s on it. After much thought I came up with the following. WP_20151203_11_40_09_Pro 1

It ended up being king size with their names under their teams. There is over 40,000 stitches in each blanket. Yes, I did the math. I was curious. If anyone wants something like this or another graph done, you can message me for costs and ideas. Each one is different and as you can probably guess takes a couple of months. So far I have done these and Maryland Terps. Now to just find the time to make the Florida State pillow my dear husband has been hinting for.

Granny square ripple blanket

Like many of you, I have a Pinterest account. It is a great place to keep up with ideas and pictures of things you would like to do in the future. Naturally, I have a crochet blankets board. On it I had collected pictures of blankets incorporating granny squares and the granny version of the ripple stitch.

Finally, someone gave me the excuse to try it out when they asked for a blanket for a man in whatever colors and stitch I wanted to make it in. REALLY! So my husband picked out the yarn and I came up with this. IMG_0664

I hope they like it as much as my family.