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Floral Baby Blanket

Recently I started making things for granddaughter that is on the way. Here is one of the blankets that was sent to them. sunshine-blanketIt was a combination of a design I found here with a sun I came up with and a small butterfly. I am not going to say much about the blanket but let it speak for itself.


Little Duck Blanket

Jenni Sholter, a friend, forwarded me a request someone had for 6 baby blankets made in 2 weeks. I have done custom work for her in the past so I guess she figured I could do it. Since the request came over the 2 week holiday, I decided to take on the challenge. (It turned out she needed 2 one month and 2 the next 2 months.) The customer makes custom reborn dolls. She had a very specific blanket in mind, Kerry Jayne’s Little Duck Blanket.  So I ordered the blanket pattern and went to work.

Let me just say this about the pattern, in case someone is interested in purchasing her patterns. DO it. The detail in the pictures she includes are well worth it. The duck would have been much harder to keep even if not for the pictures. I would have prefered the pictures to be closer to the actually section of the pattern I was working on but it was easy for me to go back and forth. She took pictures of every part that you might had been confused by and made it simple. Here are 3 of the blankets done and ready to ship. BTW the customer received the blankets and was thrilled! Always a good thing!

img_0011 img_0003 img_0004

Owl Cocoon

This is an owl cocoon and hat made from ShiFio’s Patterns. It is one of her most downloaded patterns although she has so many to chose from that I am going back again to add to my collection!


This one was done in pastel green but I think it would be beautiful in light gray, cream and black. I made a blanket for a little boy a while back in those colors and it was sharp looking, and manly. Just saying.


First Published Pattern for Sale

Well I finally did it. I took the jump to the next level of crafting and wrote up, took photos, had the pattern tested and put it for sale on Ravelry. So without further ado, here it is the pattern for the car canopy tent I designed. It is called Heartfelt Car Canopy Tent by Nadine Creates. I would love it if you check out, tell everyone you know and share it.
camo tent2girl canopy

Camo Love

Do you ever look at something, in my case yarn, and see it a different way? I love when that happens. Recently I completed a baby blanket for my future grandson. Afterwards there was some of the yarn left. I figured it would be great for booties and a cap for him when I saw something else.

What do you think? I call it “Camo Love”.  Think I have a new product for the shop. Can’t you see it in pink camouflage for girls?

camo tent2

Baby Blankets

I have been working on baby blankets recently. I have a new grandson on the way and mom loves camoflauge. So I hope she loves this blanket. It is the Drops In A Pond blanket design. You can see more examples of the ones I have made here.

Camo Blanket

Camo Blanket

Camo Blanket

Camo Blanket





I also finished a lap, nap, cot blanket. It is a Circle In A Square design. It is great way to use up scraps. I worked on the squares in the morning while riding the bus with students. Funny but watching me crochet helped keep them calm and interested. So I showed them the finished product when I put the squares together and made the blanket. It will either go to a school for a pre-k class or I may let a school auction it off during fall festival. Unless I sell it before then. In which case I will make another one for the school!

circles in square blanket

circles in square blanket

circles in square blanket

circles in square blanket







Oh! How do you like my babies that are using the blankets? The little girl on the left is a reborn doll by Jenni Sholter and the other is a doll I have had for a while.

Well I am on to other crochet projects that are on my list. Now that I will be home for a couple of months I have made a list of projects I want to work on. Amazing how that list keeps growing every day.