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Baby Blankets

I have been working on baby blankets recently. I have a new grandson on the way and mom loves camoflauge. So I hope she loves this blanket. It is the Drops In A Pond blanket design. You can see more examples of the ones I have made here.

Camo Blanket

Camo Blanket

Camo Blanket

Camo Blanket





I also finished a lap, nap, cot blanket. It is a Circle In A Square design. It is great way to use up scraps. I worked on the squares in the morning while riding the bus with students. Funny but watching me crochet helped keep them calm and interested. So I showed them the finished product when I put the squares together and made the blanket. It will either go to a school for a pre-k class or I may let a school auction it off during fall festival. Unless I sell it before then. In which case I will make another one for the school!

circles in square blanket

circles in square blanket

circles in square blanket

circles in square blanket







Oh! How do you like my babies that are using the blankets? The little girl on the left is a reborn doll by Jenni Sholter and the other is a doll I have had for a while.

Well I am on to other crochet projects that are on my list. Now that I will be home for a couple of months I have made a list of projects I want to work on. Amazing how that list keeps growing every day.


Sunflower Sleep Sack Cocoon

Introducing a new cocoon sleep sack design “Sunflower.”

Sunflower Cocoon

Sunflower Cocoon








I wanted to add to my line of sleep sacks or cocoons (as I prefer to call them) for sale. So I went with a flower since it is summer. I also think a rose would be beautiful and would make one as a custom order. In the past, I have done ladybugs, dogs, ice cream and others. Let me know what you think of the design. I think these make great baby shower gifts because they are different and one of a kind.

The beautiful reborn doll was done by Jenni Sholter. I call her Sarah. She is 3 to 6 month size. Most of the cocoons I make are preemie and newborn but I thought she deserved something to sleep in.


Rings of Change Update

I have been working on Frank ORandle’s Rings of Change pattern. The pattern is easy to understand which is great. However, I found a treasure on You Tube. Go there and you will find a slide show of the pattern row by row. This is wonderful because I am visual like so many of my friends. I can look at the slide show and make sure I doing it right.

This was how far I was last week.rings

This is the rug up to round 25rug

Up through 34 below. The lighting isn’t as great as I wanted but maybe I can tweak it in the next few days. In the meantime, you can get a feel for it.



Here it is up through row 39. Gotta love snow days!


Only 72 rows left on this pattern! I will continue until all the rows are done or it is 6 feet across.

Carol’s Creations

I wanted to share my mom’s creations with everyone. She is where I get my creative abilities. Actually that is not true. I get it from both of my parents. My dad was a painter and did technical art for NASA back in the 70’s.

Anyway, my mother makes purses, caps and boxes out of things she finds at Goodwill and other places. I believe it is called repurposed art. She specializes in Shabby chic.

beaded bagdoily pursedecorated infant hatShe also does custom boxes and decorated knobs for cabinets. I am always amazed by how she turns something ordinary into something magical!

So I encourage everyone to check out her work at her Facebook page where you can see some of her work, ask her about custom work and private message her for more information. I will also be carrying some of her work in my shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/NadineCreates