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Floral Baby Blanket

Recently I started making things for granddaughter that is on the way. Here is one of the blankets that was sent to them. sunshine-blanketIt was a combination of a design I found here with a sun I came up with and a small butterfly. I am not going to say much about the blanket but let it speak for itself.


Blanket Flowers

Recently a Facebook group I am in had a post about this blanket. I liked the blanket but really loved the flowers so I thought I would share her with my fellow crocheters. She goes by Pinkfluffywarior and appears to be in the UK. Her patterns and pictures are great so check her out. Flower-Blanket-56

crochet pink camo baby blanket

Well it is done. My oldest son is expecting his first child in September. When I asked him what his lady’s favorite colors were, he said camo. But what if it is a girl? His response was “Camo, you know camouflage.” Ok!?! So guess what I found? Pink camouflage yarn. What can I say, I am hoping for a granddaughter after 3 grandsons. Not that boys aren’t great but can you image how crazy I could go crocheting for a GIRL!

Any way I won’t know for a few more weeks if I have a grandson or granddaughter on the way. But in the mean time, here’s hoping. girl blanket