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Photo Surprise

Ever notice how sometimes you get so caught up in looking for one thing you miss something else that is even better? That is what happened here. I was so busy photographing and looking at the flower that I missed the little fellow to the right of the flower! Only when I got home and was able to look at the pictures did I even see him. I had to do some research to find out that he is a southern two-lined salamander.  I can tell you that he is VERY small since the flower is quite small. I believe the flower is a “common violet” even though these were white. For anyone who wants to tell me what it is, the picture was taken near the horse camp in the Cataloochee Valley part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in April.


Trip planning help needed

After much unsuccessful searching on my own, I have decided to ask for help from others.  I am working on a trip for next summer. My husband and I will be traveling along Hwy. 40 from Arkansas to the Grand Canyon. Our trip will take us from  The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas to the Grand Canyon.
Interstate 40

Interstate 40

He would like to find some good places to rock hunt for minerals, agates or whatever. We have been rockhounding for rubies and quartz in the TN. mountains and other places but this will our first and maybe last trip out West. We will be camping using a 4 wheel drive so we can go off the beaten path some but not too far. I am only interested in places in northern New Mexico, Arizona and southern Utah.  I would greatly appreciate any specific suggestions of where to go or where to get more information on what is available.
Do you know what kind of stones we should be looking for? What will it look like in the rough? I know how much we are allowed from BLM lands daily. I am just not certain of what and where to look. I am also looking for odd attractions that a traveler might miss. Actually any ideas I get will go in a folder that I am making so I can map the trip in the spring. We aren’t into man made attractions except a good museum.
On this trip I will be engaging in my other passions of photography, travel and jewelry making. I figure to leave the yarn at home for this trip.