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Friendly Fungus Beetle

This is your warning that if you don’t like bugs stop and turn close this, you won’t like this post. When I camp I take hundreds of pictures with the hope of seeing and learning about new things. Like my last post, this was a new discovery. My husband and I saw beetles that we never remember seeing before. Pretty cool huh? I think their name says it all. Plus I found out that it is rare to even see them at all since they are generally nocturnal. I guess they were out since it was a rainy dreary day.


M’Lady’s Fans

Thought I would share this finished blanket I made from Leisure Arts leaflet 2559.gorgeous afghan


It is the afghan called M’Lady’s Fans. I made it as an order for a coworker. She will be getting it Monday. morris blanket


Gorgeous but it reminded me why I don’t like to make big blankets. I lose interest before I can finish it. However, being paid for work always motivates me!

What has been on your hook this week?

What I have been working on

I have been very busy this week. We are gearing up for our PTA fall festival at school. Each grade made baskets based on a theme and ours was music so I made an I-phone holder. I made it in orange and brown which are our school colors.  I forgot to take a picture of the I-phone holder though,  I have been working on other things to be auctioned off.  Plus I have been trying to restock my shop. So here is some of what has been on my hooks this week.  Plus I have to work in a real job full-time. Thank heavens my dear husband does the cooking and cleaning!


preemie pink shell cap

preemie pink shell cap

Butterflies fluttering cap

Butterflies fluttering cap

purple dragon

purple dragonbaby booties

micro preemie cap
micro preemie cap



Fish Hat

Well you know how things don’t work out sometimes?  Today was one of those days.  I tried to make the seashell necklace but couldn’t get them to be still. I need to work on that more. The ring is still a work in progress. I made the base in black and am trying to decide what color beads to put on it.

So, I decided to share this fish cap I crocheted.  I saw the pattern somewhere and wanted to try it. Like I said before I like crazy caps. When you put this on, the mouth goes over your head and the tail hangs down. Like the other cap, if someone is interested in it they can leave me a comment and ask me questions and tell me what they think it is worth. I am also curious if a person would be interested in the cap if it was made in bright colors.

medium (1) medium

This hat fits an adult and is orange and brown yarn.