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Flower curtains

Some of  you have seen the valance I made valance

We decided to move them from the living room to the kitchen/dining room. Then we realized we could use the same pattern for the other window in the  room.  Plus  I was able to make them with scraps I already had so it only cost me time (alot) and  not money. Sweet!

IMG_0036 IMG_0038


Molli Makes

I wanted to share an article  I found this morning with my readers. http://www.molliemakes.com/craft-2/free-crochet-patterns-16-ways-granny-squares/#null

I use granny squares a lot in my blankets I make for charity. So I was surprised to see granny squares used in ways I had not thought of before. This article takes you the magazine which you can download if you can’t find it locally. I know I would not be able to since I live in the United States and the magazine is published in the UK. Thank heavens for digital versions of magazines.

Here two of the ideas that captured my attention. However there ar 16 ideas in the article so there is bound to be something for pretty much everyone.