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Man’s cardigan

Recently my husband asked me to make him a cardigan. It is rare that he has a crochet request and even rarer that it be piece of clothing.We decided on this design. caron-simplysoft-c-adultscrochetv-neckcardigan-web2

After years of me “working my magic”, as he puts it, he just knew I could make what he wanted from the pattern. Then we went upstairs to see what yarn I had in my stash to make what  he wanted the sweater to be made from. After all, it is even more satifying if I didn’t have to spend money to make it.

Here is the finished cardigan. The hardest part was getting it off of him long enough to sew the buttons on. Nothing makes a person happier than making a one of a kind garment that is loved. Now to finish the special request my 14 year old grandson put in!



Granny square ripple blanket

Like many of you, I have a Pinterest account. It is a great place to keep up with ideas and pictures of things you would like to do in the future. Naturally, I have a crochet blankets board. On it I had collected pictures of blankets incorporating granny squares and the granny version of the ripple stitch.

Finally, someone gave me the excuse to try it out when they asked for a blanket for a man in whatever colors and stitch I wanted to make it in. REALLY! So my husband picked out the yarn and I came up with this. IMG_0664

I hope they like it as much as my family.

Which cap should I try next? Poll

I joined a crochet a long today to make a challenging cardigan for myself.  Believe it or not, I have never made one. But this one looked like something I would wear for years. This is important to me. I will share it later, MUCH later.

In the mean time, it got me to thinking about my caps. I have several patterns that I am considering trying. I decided to ask you which one you would be most likely to buy if you saw it. I left one blank in case you have one I didn’t put. I would have have a link to the hat so I could see it. This is the first time I have ever done a poll and I am excited to see what happens! Here are the pictures of the 3 hats I listed. So tell your friends, let other people know and vote. Next Saturday I will count the votes and make that cap.

Hamburger Hat

Hamburger Hat

Yellow Man

Yellow Man

Engine I

Engine I