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Baby Blanket

So I found out over the Thanksgiving holidays that I have a granddaughter on the way. This is after 4 grandsons. SO finally an excuse to play with patterns that I wanted.

This is the first blanket for her. ( I have 2 other ones I am working on.) The yarn was picked by my husband and the open sky stitch came from crochet-pattern-stitch Here is my version using Bernat baby sport yarn in tiny tulips color and size F crochet hook.img_0003

Now to work on the next blanket!


crochet pink camo baby blanket

Well it is done. My oldest son is expecting his first child in September. When I asked him what his lady’s favorite colors were, he said camo. But what if it is a girl? His response was “Camo, you know camouflage.” Ok!?! So guess what I found? Pink camouflage yarn. What can I say, I am hoping for a granddaughter after 3 grandsons. Not that boys aren’t great but can you image how crazy I could go crocheting for a GIRL!

Any way I won’t know for a few more weeks if I have a grandson or granddaughter on the way. But in the mean time, here’s hoping. girl blanket

What has been on my hook

I have been very busy lately with work. However, I have crocheted whenever possible to keep my sanity.  IMG_0096IMG_0097IMG_0094View IMG_20140317_164534_961.jpg in slide show The white blanket is a baby blanket for my sister who just had a daughter. The red white and blue blanket was for a friends son who wanted his own blanket after I made one as a gift for his future sister. She said he wouldn’t let go of it and slept with it. I love making things for little ones because they get so excited.