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Fishing Flies

We are planning a trip to Great Smoky Mountains NP during spring break to go fishing and wildlife watching. My husband asked me if I’d make him some flies for the trip. Years ago I learned how to do this from a guy in Blue Ridge Georgia. It has been over 15 years since I made any but I still had some supplies. Anyway here are ones I made today.
They are green caddis larva, just a bug and 5 Gurgle Pops. I am hoping to make about 30 flies before the trip.I will make other varieties in the next few weeks so he has a plenty to choose from and can’t say it was just a fly of mine that was the reason he didn’t catch something!



Hurricane Matthew Camping Kitchen Cabinet

What do you do when a hurricane knocks out your power for a couple of days and you are stuck at home dry, safe? If you are a crafer like me, you finish up projects. One project that really needed finishing was my camping kitchen.

I like to travel and camping. We are doing tent camping again and I showed my husband this. I wanted to be able to store my kitchen equipment in one convenient place neatly. Kinda grab and go idea. He was like, let’s make it! I am a smart woman and took advantage of his moment of weakness.

Here is the finished product. I stained it dark because it is going to be used outside and I didn’t want dirt to show too much. It isn’t perfect but it will certainly make a difference when camping in the future. It is packed ready for use. I am able to put everything I need in it for cooking and store it for whenever I need emergency cooking supplies. Plus we can just put it in our car if we have to leave in a disaster besides being ready for our next camping trip. (We were supposed to go camping this weekend but hurricane Matthew changed those plans too.)


Trip planning help needed

After much unsuccessful searching on my own, I have decided to ask for help from others.  I am working on a trip for next summer. My husband and I will be traveling along Hwy. 40 from Arkansas to the Grand Canyon. Our trip will take us from  The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas to the Grand Canyon.
Interstate 40

Interstate 40

He would like to find some good places to rock hunt for minerals, agates or whatever. We have been rockhounding for rubies and quartz in the TN. mountains and other places but this will our first and maybe last trip out West. We will be camping using a 4 wheel drive so we can go off the beaten path some but not too far. I am only interested in places in northern New Mexico, Arizona and southern Utah.  I would greatly appreciate any specific suggestions of where to go or where to get more information on what is available.
Do you know what kind of stones we should be looking for? What will it look like in the rough? I know how much we are allowed from BLM lands daily. I am just not certain of what and where to look. I am also looking for odd attractions that a traveler might miss. Actually any ideas I get will go in a folder that I am making so I can map the trip in the spring. We aren’t into man made attractions except a good museum.
On this trip I will be engaging in my other passions of photography, travel and jewelry making. I figure to leave the yarn at home for this trip.