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Friendly Fungus Beetle

This is your warning that if you don’t like bugs stop and turn close this, you won’t like this post. When I camp I take hundreds of pictures with the hope of seeing and learning about new things. Like my last post, this was a new discovery. My husband and I saw beetles that we never remember seeing before. Pretty cool huh? I think their name says it all. Plus I found out that it is rare to even see them at all since they are generally nocturnal. I guess they were out since it was a rainy dreary day.


Barefoot Sandals

I have been on a barefoot sandal kick this week. I think I am ready for warmer weather.

I have made several pairs of them. Then I have put them for sale on my Ebay site. Here’s pictures of what I have done so far. I think I will just update this post as I make more.

IMG_0070 13016770_957754341005466_1456538489_oIMG_0068 IMG_0059

School bus scarf

I work as a school bus driver now and was asked by someone if I could make a scarf they saw on pinterest. After a little playing here is what I came up with. I like it! I used the Little Yellow School Bus pattern by Liz Thorland and put it on a plain black scarf with yellow down the middle for a road. What do you think?

bus bus1