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Bee Hive in the House

Have you ever seen an observation bee hive? This summer I had the opportunity to see one in action at Rossman Apiaries in Moultrie, Georgia. Since we already have a Flow Hive and a horizontal hive along with a couple of traditional hives, I wasn’t surprised when my husband started talking about doing one of these kind of hives.

I went so far as to check into how to make an observation hive myself. Look at this one 

I mean they even have them in classroomspicture1

So I found a handbook and started studying. Still not sure if I wanted to take the risk of 4,000 bees getting loose in my house. But if others could do it, why not me?510s7bhm2yl-_sx398_bo1204203200_

However, I have decided I am not that brave or curious. My husband and I have decided the bees are nice as long as they are outside not inside. Besides I found out this week that the sound of bees near my face still freaks me out. So not a good idea to have them in my living room where I would really hear them. I admire all the people who can do this though.


Honey harvest

We finally harvested honey from 1 of our 3 hives. It is a traditional hive and not the flow hive. This is 5 racks. To say we are happy is an understatement. We know we made mistakes along the way this year but what a learning experience it has been.  I am going to let the pictures do the talking now.

IMG_0002 IMG_0009 IMG_0010

Honey Update

We harvested our first honey today. We have a strange hive that refuses to use the frames we put in and build from the bottom up. Plus they seem to spend a lot of time on the outside of the box.  It wasn’t much honey (3 cups) but it is a start and it is sweet! Plus the comb has been melted and will be used in lotion bars.

IMG_0143 IMG_0149 IMG_0158

It Bee-gins

Every so often I go off topic of crochet to my other interests. This is one of those times. We have talked about beekeeping for several years, Finally it seems to be the time. So through out the year I will be sharing the new adventure. This is the bee-ginning.

We decided to try out something new and ordered a Flow hive. But are also going to have a traditional hive. opening_door-gallery173_Feb18220323

The hive arrived and here are pictures of it being put together. My grandson is required to do a project for FFA this semester so this was perfect timing. He helped assembly the hive with his dads help. It was interesting to watch them work together and his dad teach him about holding a drill properly, etc. Now my grandson is going to build a couple of brood boxes from the templates.That will be another post along with us getting the bees to go in the hive in April. IMG_20160220_114131IMG_20160220_133904IMG_20160220_113732