Update on Flow Hive and Newbies

I promised an update on how the bees and flow hive were going. We got 2 nuc’s with established queens about 10 days ago from a registered seller about 20 minutes from us. I posted pictures on Facebook. Having established queens means we should get honey this summer instead of waiting until next year. The seller told us to feed them 3 weeks. We made feeders from quart jars. We used the top boxes for this (remember we have 2 kinds of hives).
I have found the observation window on the flow hive to be great. I am able to check the feeder without disturbing them. I can also tell how active they are. So no matter whether I get more flow frames in the future or not I am going to build observation windows in my top boxes.

Enjoy the pictures!IMG_0009 IMG_0022 IMG_0029IMG_0002


One thought on “Update on Flow Hive and Newbies

  1. Bees are fascinating little creatures. Bless their hearts, they have the weight of the world on their tiny shoulders, without them we humans would be in trouble.
    I hope you get lots of yummy honey.
    I look forward to your updates.

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