It Bee-gins

Every so often I go off topic of crochet to my other interests. This is one of those times. We have talked about beekeeping for several years, Finally it seems to be the time. So through out the year I will be sharing the new adventure. This is the bee-ginning.

We decided to try out something new and ordered a Flow hive. But are also going to have a traditional hive. opening_door-gallery173_Feb18220323

The hive arrived and here are pictures of it being put together. My grandson is required to do a project for FFA this semester so this was perfect timing. He helped assembly the hive with his dads help. It was interesting to watch them work together and his dad teach him about holding a drill properly, etc. Now my grandson is going to build a couple of brood boxes from the templates.That will be another post along with us getting the bees to go in the hive in April. IMG_20160220_114131IMG_20160220_133904IMG_20160220_113732



5 thoughts on “It Bee-gins

  1. We too are kicking off beekeeping with a Flow Hive. Just set up our swarm trap this week! Curious, how long did it take you to get the plastic parts after getting the wood? They said we’ll get our second shipment of the flow frames from Brisbane in April but we’re getting a little antsy… thanks!

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