crochet pink camo baby blanket

Well it is done. My oldest son is expecting his first child in September. When I asked him what his lady’s favorite colors were, he said camo. But what if it is a girl? His response was “Camo, you know camouflage.” Ok!?! So guess what I found? Pink camouflage yarn. What can I say, I am hoping for a granddaughter after 3 grandsons. Not that boys aren’t great but can you image how crazy I could go crocheting for a GIRL!

Any way I won’t know for a few more weeks if I have a grandson or granddaughter on the way. But in the mean time, here’s hoping. girl blanket


One thought on “crochet pink camo baby blanket

  1. Lovely camo work LOL, We are also a family of all boys, the cat is female but doesn’t appreciate crochet much LOL
    Many congratulations of the up coming birth xx

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