Yarn Tornado or What a Tangled Web or Uses for Scrap Yarn

While waiting to move into my new house, I decided to tackle my yarn tornado. This mass is bits and pieces of yarn that had gotten tossed together while packing.

I thought about my Aunt Rentha while working on it. For years, she had a sampler of the expression from the Great Depression, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” My craft philosophy follows this idea. To me even little scraps are useful and not to be thrown away. There is every weight and type of yarn in this pile. I decided to make circles for a circle in a square scrap blanket with the scraps that were long enough.  I am making this to donate to a school for nap time. Circle-in-a-Square-Motif-Pillow

If the scrap wasn’t enough for that then I tried to make section for an Amish puzzle ball I wanted to try.Mini-Crochet-Amish-Puzzle-Ball amish

What was left got separated and used for a variety of projects. These are items that don’t have to be perfect for me. I started on a dog bed cover for one of the 3 dogs we have. I used the acrylic yarn for this.


The simply soft and cotton yarn scraps got turned into wash cloths. The long rug is a project I started last year using a variety of scraps. It has 2 strands together so it would be sturdy enough to go at my back door. It is the exact width of my utility room.

The baby and thin yarn will be saved for another time. I plan to make baby items with that.

Finally any yarn that I decided not to keep went under a tree for the birds to use in their nests. So see even the smallest of yarn has value!


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