Heart 2 Heart Reborn Nursery

I hinted that I had started working on something new recently. Here it is. I have joined with Heart 2 Heart nursery  and am making custom crochet items for her. The hammocks in the pictures below were made by me and can be custom ordered in the color a person wants. I am so excited about this new venture so let me tell you a little more about her.

The shop is owned by Jenni Sholter. She has a degree in art and is a retired military spouse. She makes reborn dolls. I have decided to let her work speak for itself and show you some of her babies. Look at the details in her work right down to belly buttons.

I am excited because she is a local business. I actually found her when I mentioned to my grandson’s mom that I liked this kind of doll. She pointed out that she had been sharing Heart 2 Heart pictures with me and that they were friends. So we got in touch and as they say “the rest is history!”

Jenni offers custom dolls. She doesn’t make them until you order it. That way you choose not only the doll but whether or not you want hair; if their eyes are open then what color eyes you want and other things. These are truly one of a kind dolls. I also like the variety of skin tones she offers. You can contact her for your own special baby at heart2heartnursery@gmail.com

And yes I did order a baby for myself. I will be doing a post when she is ready! I already have clothes made for Sarah.

ariareborn3reborn1reborn4yellow hammockhammock


One thought on “Heart 2 Heart Reborn Nursery

  1. It’s wonderful you’re making accessories for the reborns. I wish you much success.
    Thanks for the link. Looking around her site is like looking at a nursery of real babies.

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