A crocheter learns to knit

I have been crocheting for over 30 years but decided I would like to learn to knit this summer. Surely I could do it. It couldn’t be that different or hard to learn. Besides I like to learn something new every summer to keep my brain sharp.

But first I was headed to visit my mother-in-law. While I was there my sister-in-law who dos some of the most amazing cross stitch and quilts asked me if I would be interested in some yarn she had from various projects and some knitting needles. Are you kidding me? I can use any length of yarn in my scrap blankets or for the children’s art projects. But needles! There was just what I needed to learn knitting. She had books, kits, everything!

I had brought 2 crochet projects to finish so I did them first while pondering the knitting. I like to let the yarn and ideas work a while in my head first. But finally I was ready to try it. Holding the thread in my right hand is very difficult for me after years of crocheting. So I did what my grandson likes to suggest and Googled “can I knit holding the yarn in my left hand?”. I found this http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86526 This has a name, continental knitting! Now to find some videos.

I looked at some sites but went back to this one continental  From here I was able to watch the stitches being done. The videos were well filmed and short enough to allow m to learn on part of knitting at a time. After 4 hours of practise and watching I had casting on and the knit stitch down.

So I decided I had to try to make something. I like usable results and since I make caps for charity what better than a preemie hat.knit hat Thank you Barbara.


2 thoughts on “A crocheter learns to knit

  1. Congrats on learning to knit. Your preemie hat is so cute.
    I have mixed feelings about Knitting. It’s an awesome art form, but I’m so used to crochet that it’s slow for me to do. I’m in awe of folks who make magnificent tapestry type scenes/designs and all the lovely stitches as well. I look forward to seeing your many wonderful creations. 🙂

  2. I’m late coming to your Blog, but I saw you comment on Franklin Habit’s column and had to check you out. Anyhoo — as a kid I learn the bare basics of both crochet and knitting, but had no interest until my, ahem, fourties. My point is, I hold my yarn wrapped around the last finger of my left hand ala crochet, and I’m a “picker” knitting, not a “looper”. My tension is consistent, and it’s a breeze to swap between knitting and crochet projects. So go on with your crochet-to-knitting bad self and know that you aren’t limited to one needlecraft or the other, you’ve become craft-bi-dextrious!

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