Closed shop

I decided to close my Etsy shop this week.Custom Preemie or Baby Cocoon Set with Cap and Booties I may go back to it some time in the future but don’t want to fool with it right now. I decided to only make for charity when the mood hits or play with pattern designing.

I am aggressively working on the premise of  The Simple Year. My husband teases that if I can get rid of it I will. Not true completely. I am holding on the quilt tops his grandmother made and the crochet blanket he made.


3 thoughts on “Closed shop

  1. Good for you! I took a look at the Simple Living blog and it may be just what I need for inspiration. I’m in the midst of a whole house re-organization–due to the fact that I have to make a space for all the fabrics and what not that I now have because I decided to open an Etsy shop! And I have to make a place to work on my linens that stays clean (minus the dog/cat hair, wood smoke and dirt, etc.). All this is much harder because my farm flooded back when Hurricane Francis and Ivan went through and basically my house is ruined and so hard to live in. So what did I do? Started a new business and made it even harder. Good grief. I applaud your decision to close shop for awhile. You can make your lovely things for your own pleasure and the wee babes who need them.

  2. I’m inspired by this post, I’ve had to re hit the follow button as you have disappeared from my feed for some reason, good luck on a simpler life something we all could benefit from

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