What has been on my hook

Do you ever make something and then forget to take a picture of it? Well that is what I did this week. I made a cot blanket so we would have a backup in case a child forgot theirs. I work in pre-k and they take naps. I took it to school Friday which was the last day before spring break and left it. So I will take pictures when school starts back. I used the CJAYG method I have fallen in love with.

In the meantime it is spring break and I plan to spend it spring cleaning. I will be organizing, discarding, and scrubbing in the house and finishing up major yard work. I told my husband I was going to be cleaning like I was getting ready to move.

Speaking of cleaning, have you read this blog? Check it out. It is inspiring and informative. I have learned new places and ways to share the wealth and clean out my excess.

The Simple Year

The Simple Year

Have a great week. I have to get back to cleaning!


2 thoughts on “What has been on my hook

  1. Ah, Nadine, why is it we spend our spring break cleaning?! Alas, the busier school gets the more my house goes downhill. I have to at least put a dent in the dirt so I can survive the end of the school year. I have a list a mile long and will be lucky if I get a few things checked off–and yes, a major chunk is school related. Sigh…..

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