Playground equipment

I am so excited! I work in an elementary school as a teacher assistant. I love my kids so this year when we were asked to join school committees I joined the grant committee. There is always something the children need that the budget simply won’t cover.

Our school does not have playground equipment for the older children. So we have been on a mission to get some. Classroom PhotoWe have applied for grants and received one from our local Walmart so far. But it wasn’t enough so one of the teachers made it a project at Donors Choose I was happy. However I was ecstatic when I saw that NCMS Alliance had donated to it. 

I hope we are able to get a playground in for these children before they start the next school year. Personally I think having a safe place to burn off energy will make them even better students. Plus the nice thing about the school is it is located in a community and everyone in the community will benefit from the equipment.


One thought on “Playground equipment

  1. Good on you for putting your energies into attaining something for others, it’s hard to believe that children don’t have all they need, after all they are the next generation of professional working adults contributing to society. Congratulations on the grant 😀

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