Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia Review

It has been a week since I have taken time to post. Life has gotten busy and in the way as we all know it can.

However, I had to share a book I finally received last night. It is crochet stitches I have been crocheting for over 30 years and have never owned a book like this. I wouldn’t have gotten it now but I joined the group at Sara Duggan suggested that a good stitch encyclopedia would be helpful in making our own designs.

I wasn’t sure but finally decided on this book. I know I could probably find all these stitches online. However, I like to work away from the computer some and besides what if the power goes out? Now I am hooked! The way the book is laid is so nice. It shows a swatch of the stitch, gives the particulars on the part that makes the pattern and even suggests what the stitch is most appropriate for.

All of this is helpful. The layout of the book is logical too. Stitches are grouped according to kind, lacy, cable , motifs, etc. I found stitches I had never seen before and am now able to visualize new patterns that are begging to come out of my hands. Plus since the is in my hands I can make notes and drawings with pencil of what they inspire so I can look back and finish the design as soon as I have time.

You can also find Robyn Chalula the author of this encyclopedia at I have found great ideas there which inspire me to do even more designing and crocheting!


5 thoughts on “Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia Review

  1. I did smile, why, because this week I bought Knitting Stitches & Knitting Design from the same range of books 🙂 they are just brilliant, it sounds like I’m as happy with mine as you are with yours

  2. Nadine, this looks like a great book. I, too, love to hold a book in my hands, and at this point it is a GREAT relief to get away from the computer. My daughter and I have been making hats and scarves for years, but recently a friend of hers that she taught basic crochet has been going wild with designs! Now my daughter has started making up more variations and designs as well. So I’m thinking a book like this would be a great present for her sometime soon.

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