The Grandfather Knitting Klock

I had to share this. It absolutely amazes me what people can come up with!

Siren Elise Wilhelmsen is a Norwegian artist. She graduated from the University of Arts Berlin and founded Siren Elise Wilhelmsen Design Studio in 2010. Today she lives and works in Bergen and Berlin.
148408_179168472096141_111382818874707_663189_4987063_n%202%20copy On her website she writes :

Siren Elise Wilhelmsen is creating concepts and designs for products, furniture and installations – both for the professional and the private market. Her aim is to make functional and sustainable design with personality and humour; products that challenge the meeting between man and his surroundings and that offer a new kind of interaction with them.

In 2010 she created a piece that would make her famous: The Grandfather Knitting Klock. The clocks knit a singlestitch every half hour, and runs 24 hours a day. During one year, the clock is able to knit a 6 foot (2m) long tube scarf.

Wilhelmsen_04bw«I was working with numbers when I had the idea. Numbers…

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