Great pattern resource

Do you ever find yourself looking for something a little different? You know it is out there but in my case it always seems to be in another language. I mean the internet is great because you have people from all over the world sharing their patterns, ideas, etc. But sometimes it is hard to find because of the different languages.

I found this site. This is from their welcome page. Knits4Kids offers you convenient access to about 1308750 knitting and crochet patterns in 32 languages from all over the world and for all occasions. All patterns are FREE and originate from various hobby portals.



 I found several things I will go back and look at more. The way the site is laid out was great and easy to navigate. I highly recommend you check it out. And no I did not get paid to tell you about it. I just like to share my finds so it will be easier for the next person.


4 thoughts on “Great pattern resource

  1. The site is full of copyright violations. It is not recommended. They are taking advantage of all US & UK people that have copyright patterns out there.

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