What do you do when it snows?

No one ever asks me that. They just ask what I made and how many. So, since we have 2 days off from school because winter storm warnings, I am working on 2 baby blankets for baby showers that I will need this spring, a top I have been wanting to try and maybe a a preemie item or two.

I am going to leave you with pictures of our yard from this rare snow and get back to crocheting and drinking coffee. Stay warm!



7 thoughts on “What do you do when it snows?

  1. Lovely snowy pictures – I can say that as California is pretty isolated from all the winter storms hitting the east coast. One year though, we did a smidgen of snow that lasted less than 30 minutes on the ground.

  2. I was fortunate. I had bought groceries a couple of days before the watches and warnings started. So all I needed was some sugar and yes milk. My son went and got those. which is good considering we are on our 3rd day with schools closed.

  3. Oh wow Nadine! I’m so glad we don’t have school-aged children at home. I remember how frayed my nerves would get! My oldest daughter and her husband are stationed at Ft. Drum, NY (he’s a scout in the US Army) and she posted a video today of their snow fall. It’s up past the bottom of the windows! And it’s still snowing! I would probably lose my will to live in that much snow LOLOLOL!

    We had our first night of sub-zero temperatures last night (we got down to -3), so I cuddled up under the blanket my Mama Carol made me for Christmas. The dogs next to me and a nice cup of tea, and a shot of whiskey and I was good!

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