That Magic Moment

After I got through with something yesterday, that phrase “That Magic Moment” kept running through my head. Recently, I was invited to share my love of crochet with the after school program at our elementary school. I did that yesterday. I wanted to make crochet something they would find interesting and want to learn more about. I must say, it was a success.

I was going to approach it as an opportunity to teach them how to crochet. But I changed my mind and decided a different approach. I wanted to get their curiosity up and leave them wanting more. It worked and here is what I did in case someone else wants to try it or has the magical chance to introduce the craft to young ones.

I started out by showing them a few samples of crochet. These were just things I normally have with me- a cap, part of a blanket, some pieces of jewelry. Then I asked a boy to come up who was wearing a knitted cap and explained that his was made with 2 needles while mine was with one.

Then I showed them samples of a variety of yarns I have used. It told them I had also crochet with plastic bags and old sheets. Their faces were like “What?!”

samples of yarn and work

samples of yarn and work

Next I opened my paint brush pouch that I carry my hooks in. I had brought a variety of hooks from the wood one my husband made me for making rugs to the tiniest metal hook I have. I made sure I included a new Crochet Lite hook ( I knew the boys would love it since my grandson pretended like it was a light saber).

My crochet pouch

My crochet pouch

I answered questions and got the classic “My grandmother does that.” I left everything on the table and encouraged the students to come up and look at everything, play with it, whatever. I told the teachers not to worry. I didn’t bring anything that I would be upset if they handled. So the new hook became a light saber, the yarns got stabbed and the scraps got worn on the heads.

But what I loved was when one of the teachers asked if I would be willing to teach her how to crochet. She promised the ones that were interested that she would help them also. So I promised that next week I would spend at least 30 minutes every afternoon working with them. I suggested what kind of yarn to get (forgot to suggest a hook) and will start teaching her how to make a single crochet cap.


3 thoughts on “That Magic Moment

  1. I’ve taught children to crochet for many years and am actually working on a blog post with tips for teaching children. Love the way you introduced them to it!! They have to find it fun…and the boys seeing the lighted hook as a light saber is PRICELESS!!

  2. Lovely. Such simple pleasure huh? I always liked it when we were allowed to touch, play, or simply investigate what was being taught (shown). I think it is why Science (Biology and Chemistry) are popular among children.

    You get applauded for mixing things up, making things pop, and blow up.

    You’ll have yourself a little crochet club there before you know it.

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