Finger weaving or knitting

How many of you do finger knitting? I promised to show my crochet work and how I do to a group of elementary school students this week. I thought they might b more interested in something like finger knitting since they had all the tools they needed with them. So I thought I would teach them that.

Th only problem is I didn’t know how to do it. After some searching , I chose thisfinger

I will admit it was easy to follow and I had no problem teaching my husband how to do it. I love my husband. He is game for most anything I ask of him. I can see where this would b good for the students but I only had one problem with it. I just don’t enjoy doing it enough to teach a bunch of students. I am thinking that I will share my love of crocheting and then tell the director about finger knitting. If she wants to work with them on it I’ll teach her.

Who knows maybe the students will pick up 2 new skills. I’ll let you know how it goes. My husband will be going with me to show them his crocheting skills that I taught him years ago.


5 thoughts on “Finger weaving or knitting

  1. a long long LONG time ago my 4th grade teacher taught a few of us girls to weave using straws. I had so much fun doing that back then! I now teach grade school children to crochet and simply LOVE it!!!

    • i SO need to know about your teaching them crochet. i introduced some elementary students to crochet Friday. I am going to show them and a teacher how to do the chain and single crochet Monday.

      The goal is a single crochet cap, made from a rectangle that the side is sewed up and then the top is gathered. A simple project because she wants to make a cap first.

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