Creating for myself

This post Question and challenge How often do you make things for yourself? by UK Crochet Patterns made me realize that I had not shared a project I made for myself last year. But I decided to show it off. Crafters do so much for others that we sometimes forget to make for ourselves. What a shame.

I have seen dresses crocheted out of thread in magazines online and wanted one. But you know how we are, it needed to be one of a kind. My favorite colors are turquoise and purple so I found the perfect thread. Also, for me, it had to use the pineapple motif since that is my favorite. So after several design starts I ended up with the following. IMG_0005

And no before someone asks I will NOT make it for you. This dress was the combination of several different patterns to get exactly what I wanted. I lost track of how long it took to make but it was worth it to me.


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