Donate to charity

I read recently that volunteering makes you feel like you have more time. For a variety of reasons I can’t donate time away from my house but I can use my time at home making things for charity. My “volunteer” caps go to either the coat drive at my school or are given to a friend who donates them to homeless.They aren’t fancy but I have been assured that they are appreciated.

Why not look around for places that would appreciate handmade items. Crochet Concupiscence wrote a great article on 25 charities that accept crochet items. I would also suggest you ask the local hospitals or shelters if they take crochet items. I know there is a great need in my community especially since we have a NICU unit at our hospital.

Another great list of charities can be found here

Crocheting for Charity

So take a few minutes and make something for someone else and make their life better.


7 thoughts on “Donate to charity

  1. Hats are probably the number one thing I donate. The babies and cancer care units always need them. Sometimes I donate to an auction so they can sell the items and use the money to fund whatever it is they need at the time. It is what I started doing back in ’99 and it is still one of the great gifts of crochet.

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