Crochet food

I work in a pre-k classroom. we are currently setting up a grocery store and a fast food center. My teacher brought in a plastic toy egg container. She didn’t want to put colored easter eggs in it and asked if I’d make something. Sure, why not!

So I found

Crochet egg

Crochet egg

and I made this.

my crochet eggs

my crochet eggs

I love the fact that they can play with them and not worry about them getting hurt if they toss them at each other. Yep, it happens. Now I need a crochet watermelon slice since it is on the grocery list we have for them.

Then I’ll start on the fast food items. I would love any free patterns you have used or found.


7 thoughts on “Crochet food

  1. I will keep my eyes open for patterns for you grocery list Nadine! I think it’s an awesome idea for the pre-K set! I can’t wait to see what other items you come up with!

  2. Crochet food is fun! There is a vast recourse of free patterns on Raverly. I have a million saved. I had a goal once to make a bunch for the kids to play with but I didn’t get past a cupcake and a few cookie shapes 🙂

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