Lessons learned this week

Joining the CBB Challenge has taught me some things already. First, that my blog is a tool that can be used for more than a way to let people know what is going on in my shop as a way to reach potential buyers. I really need to use it to reach out to other crafters and shop owners.

Second I have learned it is okay to ask for help and suggestions this way. Sometimes a short quick post can be effective. Also others appreciate hearing what people respond with.

This week has given me a few ideas on how I want to approach my blog and business this year. This is a year of transitions in my home financially. I am writing down specific obtainable goals for my business. I am looking at what tools I can use to reach them.

I have also decided to try a different approach immediately with my blog for this year. Last year I planned a weekly post basically telling what I was making or doing. Now I am going to add a weekly post geared toward people who are already crafters and owners.

What about you? What do you feel you have gained from the challenge so far?


5 thoughts on “Lessons learned this week

  1. I think more than anything I have received affirmation from this blog challenge. I’ve also learned that you have to put yourself out there and not just wait for someone to uncover your work like it’s an archaeological dig….because you might be DEAD before that happens!!! I’m loving getting to know all of the other bloggers out there as well!

  2. This is my second time doing the challenge. I will most likely do it again in July. Each time is different enough to make it worth doing again. One of the best things for me is that it pushes me to be more social and more willing to put myself out there. I am not very good at that at all.

  3. I the same as Becky and Amy. It has pushed me to blog more frequently and how to share my blog in different ways so that more people know I am out there that just sit and wait to for people to discover you. Great Question Nadine!

  4. Nadine, these challenges always help me stay focused and on task. It is one of the reasons I decided to host my own for the crochet community. I think you will do great this year. Can’t wait to see where you are in December 2014.

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