Offering colors

Thank you everyone who has responded to yesterdays poll. now I feel better about my plan to go in the direction of more custom items. So my next question is about the yarn. I use the Simply Soft yarn because of the kinds of items I make and the fact that I am sensitive to rough yarn. how would you suggest I show the colors I can offer? Yarn_Caron_Simply_Soft

I want to be able to kind of have a generic way to do this so I show the worsted weight ones for certain items and the sport for other items. Any ideas on the best way to do this in an Etsy shop would be appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Offering colors

  1. You could line the yarn all up and take a picture. Then number them. You only get a few photos in Etsy, so you could also put the link and direct them straight to Simply soft.

  2. In Etsy you can customize the pages about your shop. You can add up to 5 photos on the about page. This may be a place where you could post photos of your yarn offerings and categories with a note in each item listing as to where to go to see the actual yarn colors. OR add a picture of the yarn offerings for each item. That way there is no confusion when they click on “pink yarn” and they are expecting a bright pink and you have used a pastel. This is a GREAT question!!

    • I like this idea. I hadn’t thought about using the about page. I also love the idea of giving them a place to go for the actual colors. My problem had been that I didn’t want to make the items in all the possible colors. I wanted to show them as options.

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