Moogly Crochet Numbers

I want to share the best place for crochet numbers and letter patterns I have found. Image

I used the 8 for my cocoon and think it takes it to the next level.Image


This is a short but sweet post today because I have to get ready to get back to my”real” job after a 2 week break. Plus it looks like I will be working on a custom order from the shop tonight.


3 thoughts on “Moogly Crochet Numbers

  1. Moogly is definitely one of my favorite places to go. I liked her patterns on Pinterst way before I even knew about her blog. I remember seeing her Lego backpack and then sometime later I actually clicked it to visit the blog – drool – lots of crochet loveliness. Like the addition of the nummbers. What doess 88 stand for? Sports?

  2. Nascar’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. I am trying to get custom orders of the set for sports fans with preemies or newborns. One of my best sellers last year was custom orders of the football cap and bootie set so I am expanding this way.

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