Being successful

I think being successful is just as much about knowing what you don’t want or want to do as knowing what you want and want to do. What about you?

I was talking to my mom recently and she asked me if I was still making jewelry? I’m not. I found I was trying to make jewelry just for the purpose of selling it and wasn’t making sales. There is just SO much out there and it is too hard for me to compete. So even though I have the supplies neatly put up in case I should decide to make something for a gift, I am not actively pursuing it.

On the other hand, I sell my crochet in my Etsy shop. No I don’t make a lot of money but that isn’t as important to me as having a place for it. For me right now success is crocheting as a way to keep my hands busy, my creative juices flowing and maybe make someones life brighter. I do the items  I want, not what I think is the hottest thing out there. I honestly do hope the shop will generate enough sales to make my craft pay for itself. And it does make me feel good that people are willing to pay for it and ask for custom items.

The most popular item in my shop right now

The most popular item in my shop right now

What is your idea of success? What are you doing to achieve it?


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