Starting off the new year right!

I have been reading all sorts of posts this week about what people are going to do this year. Their resolutions, goals and dreams. Mine are simple-continue paying off bills and don’t make new ones, grow my Etsy store and just go with the flow.

As far as the Etsy store goes, I am adding a couple of new custom items for preemies starting today. I have made and put these in the store.

racing cocoon set

racing cocoon set

I also made it plain blue cocoon I will be making these custom in whatever colors, numbers etc a person wants. I think these would be a great baby shower gift or gift for a preemie. The parent can hold the baby in the cocoon and then they can wear the cap and booties while in the incubator.

Plus I decided to start offering custom baby blankets starting with this style.

pink baby blanket

pink baby blanket

I probably wont make any more caps for a while because I am already getting spring fever which means lace tunics and maybe a doll or two. What about you? Are you getting spring fever?


2 thoughts on “Starting off the new year right!

  1. Not yet as in my part of the world (California) spring means heat so although I complain about the cold (45) I’m actually quite content. I enjoy my sweaters, slippers, and comforters.

    Looks like you are working on inventory for your first quarter. Was the holiday season good for you, sales wise?

  2. Yes. I had just opened my shop and got 3 custom orders for Christmas. Everyone got their items before Christmas and gave me good reviews on my shop. I also learned the direction I wanted to take my shop this year so that was helpful.

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