Preemie Pants and My Shining Star Bunting

Once again, I was going to write about one thing and changed my mind. I have decided to share a new item I came up with this week based on the popularity of my preemie clothes. I made preemie pants. These are done in sock yarn and look like blue jeans to me. A friend told me that they bought baby clothes to bring her grandson home in. I also noticed when I was searching the web that there were plenty of clothes for little girls but not so much for boys.

What do people think boys wear? Especially little bitty ones? So anyway, I made these based on standard measurements I found for 5 pound babies. I understand this is the smallest weight that preemies are sent home at. I realize they really don’t wear much while in the hospital.

blue jean pants

The other item I made was a star baby bunting. You know how some times you see something and think I have to have that? Well for me it is usually I see it have to make it. I stumbled across a pattern and knew I had to try it. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. i figure it would be really neat in white but went with the color the pattern called for the first time. I will see if I get any requests for it in other colors. In the mean time, enjoy!



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