Baby Girl

It has been quite a week for me. I have had to limit my activity to things I could do with my arms. Nothing like lifting, bending or driving. Just hang out on the couch kinda thing.  I asked the doctor if crocheting would hurt. He gave me a funny look and said “No”. OK I’m set then right? Who cares about walking around if I can create! Just put the yarn near me and I’m set to go.

So I have a friend who asked me to make a dress for her granddaughter. What a treat! I never crochet for little girls except caps. Maybe that is why I am being so critical of what I made. I ended up making 2 dresses because I couldn’t decide how I wanted it to look. The only thing she said was fall colors. Tomorrow I am going to take them to her and let her choose.

Well after I made these dresses, she decided they were too bright. She decided she wanted more muted colors. So I put them in my Etsy shop for $12.00. I would be willing to make a matching headband for an additional $5.00 if a person wanted it. You can get more information on the dresses by checking out my shop.

I made a few other things that will be going in the shop and something for me which I will share soon!

baby dress in yellow

baby dress in yellow

baby dress with orange trim

baby dress with orange trim


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