It is raining babies at my house!

I thought that would wake some people up. Actually it is raining baby projects at my house  this week. So far I have finished 2 baby afghans, several preemie caps and started on new baby dolls. I have even made some baby leg warmers for preemies. However, the main theme has been baby blankets.

Here are the blankets. I had 3 blankets that needed to be made before the end of the year all for boys. I liked this variation of the granny square blanket. It combines the best of the granny square and a ripple stitch blanket. I used this blanket pattern I found on Ravelry.

The last blanket was made for my grandson’s baby brother that is due in Jan. He picked out the colors and you see the results! But now I’m tired of doing blankets and ready to start on something new. Fall is in the air and children’s scarves are calling.

Drop in the Pond blanket

Drop in the Pond Blanket

brown colors blanket
brown colors blanket

blanket in blues

blanket in blues


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