Helping Our Schools

This is totally different from what you usually see here but it is part of what is happening in my world right now.  I am on two committees at my school. They are both important to me. One deals with our media center.  The other one deals with finding grants to help with the needs of the school.

readingrocks-277x300 (1)

The media committee is in charge of Reading Rocks, 2 book fairs and Battle of the books competition. Battle of the 
Books is pretty neat because it encourages students to read and then they compete with other schools. Reading Rocks is a fund raising event that culminates in a 5K walk. All the money raised goes to the media centers plus you get a nice workout with other like minded people.

battle of the books

battle of the books

The Grant Committee is teaching me personally how much is really needed in the schools. We think that everything is provided by the state but it isn’t. So now I am on the hunt for grants to help in a variety of ways. I found the article

Help Your School: Go Get a Grant

It has great suggestions and I have started doing them. However, if anyone has any specific suggestions on where to look post me a comment and I promise I will look into it. Or use the article to help your local school. I know they will appreciate it.

If you are asked to help in some way at your child or grandchild’s school, consider doing it. Something as simple as sending a baggie of pennies to a book fund raiser like our Reading Rocks drive or helping teachers find grants they can apply for benefits your children. It isn’t to increase a teacher’s pay but to increase resources for your child’s education. Of course there are many ways to support the school through your local PTA.

My next post will be back to crochet I promise. I have some great things going on.


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